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Download: MidiJunkies
The build script requires CC65. The parsepetscii script requires exomizer.

MidiJunkies is a VJ'ing framework for the Commodore 64. It is built to be flashed onto the Kerberos MIDI cartridge and controlled by the Korg Kaosspad, as well as the C= 64 keyboard.


A script to clean up old etherpads, more info: etherclean

Apache IP obfuscator

Download: mod_haship.c
Build & Install: apxs2 -i -a -lssl -c mod_haship.c

This module uses HMAC-SHA256 to obfuscate the client IP address using a secret key. Once loaded, it will present to you three environment variables: HashedIp, FakeIp and FakeIpSix. You can use those for logfiles, pass them on to your webapplications, whatever.
HashedIp is a hex string containing the full hash, every IP address corresponds to a unique hash which is not easy to trace back to the original IP, provided the secret key is really secret.
FakeIp and FakeIpSix narrow down this hash to be able to provide webapplications with something that looks like a valid IP address. Note that there is a chance this introduces collisions. Especially when using FakeIp (the v4 variant) be aware that multiple IP's might correspond to the same fake address. The more visitors you get, the higher the risk this might happen.
mod_haship can either use a secret key provided in the configuration or generate one for you and regenerate that on a given interval. The latter is preferred, since it will make it very hard to trace back the original IP, however every IP address will have a new hash every time apache restarts (or at every given interval), making it harder to construct long-term statistics. Configuration parameters are:

hashipEnabled [on|off] - self-explanatory, default is on
hashipInterval [number of days] - how often the secret key should be regenerated
hashipSecret [supersecretkey] - use this to set a permanent secret key, setting this overrides hashipInterval
By default, the module will be enabled and generate a random key on startup with no regeneration.

Irssi RSS/Atom reader

Download: rss.plugin

An irssi script that will display RSS/Atom feeds in a seperate window. Use /run rss.plugin in irssi to activate it and then use /rss help for instructions.
I've had some problems with this script in combination with the irssi-otr module... perl, forks, segfaults, messy, meh...


Download: metarave.tgz

A Commodore 64 demo in 4K with bresenham circles, sprites and metaballs